It's Our Turn to Fight For Veterans - #VeteransDay

Veterans are, inarguably, some of the bravest among us. They battle, strategize, and face significant danger for a living. Yet, when some vets return home they face another fight: homelessness and domestic violence. Reports of intimate partner abuse among veterans and their families jumped from 304 in 2006 to 909 in 2012. Veterans struggle to find permanent housing.

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans is engaged in this work on a daily basis. VA reform efforts are underway following the scandal that revealed excessive wait times at VA facilities. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs received $300 million in funding for rapid re-housing and homelessness prevention for veterans in the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program, and $278 million for the HUD-VASH program in FY 2014. 

It's up to us to hold government accountable for both the funding and action. Le'ts fight for the 24 million people who fought for us.