My Minimalist Life

So, funny story. When I found out I was going to be on GMA, my first thought was "what am I going to wear?" Doesn't seem very unusual, right? Most people (at least in my mind) would ask that same question. The difference is, I did not know what I was going to wear for a reason: I'm a minimalist.

Now yes, I own clothing. But not as much as you'd think! (I've had to make a few dress purchases recently so I'm feeling quite fancy.) I don't have three closets full of clothes. I have a few anchor items, a few pair of shoes, and one coat. So I legitimately did not know what I was going to wear. In the end, I wore a top, jeans, and my trusty Sketchers. The wonderful part is that Robin Roberts, the GMA staff, and Dr. Phil are incredible people who made me feel welcomed and beautiful. 

I didn't choose minimalism; it chose me.

For about a year, I did not have stable housing. This meant that at any moment, I might need to pick up everything and leave. When I arrived back in Chicago six months after my separation, I had two suitcases of clothes/shoes, three boxes of documents/important stuffs, a faux plant, and a 4-cup coffee maker. That's it. No, seriously.

And you know what? It felt liberating. I had everything I needed with me. I wasn't buying [insert emo purchase here] to fill a void, mainly because I was poor. I was purchasing items out of necessity alone. And if I didn't need it, I didn't own it.

That mentality sort of carried over when I began to have steady income. Things take up space, physically and mentally, and I don't like clutter. If you come to my house today, you'll find... very little "stuff". The only thing I hoard is books, coffee mugs (I was recently referred to as "The Coffee Mug God"), and wine bottles. My glass is always half full. Of wine :) 

Anyhoo, my version of the minimalist life is maintained by doing the following on a monthly basis:
1. Donate clothes that do not fit or that I have not worn in 90 days.
2. Donate or discard of items in every drawer, including kitchen and bathroom, that I have not used in 90 days.

I understand that the minimalist life isn't for everyone. But in case you're interested, I certainly enjoy it.

(this is not me, but I would totally add that jumper to my closet.)

(this is not me, but I would totally add that jumper to my closet.)